time to … celebrate

My youngest had her 4th birthday yesterday. So on the weekend we had a little party for her friends. And last night the grandparents joined us for dinner and we made a big fuss of her (as you do).

I also helped in her kindy class yesterday. The teacher called her up the front and asked about all the fun and fuss for her birthday. Little miss was sharing all her news until she went off track and starting telling the teacher about celebrating our new bench!

Yes, the teacher was as perplexed as you. Allow me to explain …

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on uncluttered minds and uncluttered spaces

plateI have been talking a lot about my new rhythm this year and you would be forgiven for thinking it is just about writing. Because, well that’s pretty much all I have blogged about!

But if you recall when I introduced this phrase back in January, I also talked about one day being house day. A day for intentional decluttering. And I haven’t written about that because it is a slow process, and painful and it seems like I am making no real progress.

Or at least these are all the reasons I have in my head to tell you. But if I dig a little deeper, a little closer into my heart, I discover another reason altogether.

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Remembering another Easter (or the story behind my blog header)

Yes, that photo above is me. It is me sitting in the courtyard outside our room in a quaint little hotel in Besançon France.

We were in France for a friend’s wedding, and as part of the planning had added a week each side of the event to explore. We chose the town Besançon, and the hotel at random from a Lonely Planet guide book.

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you are amazing


Deny: to declare a statement to be untrue; to reject as false; to withhold; to refuse to fulfil the expectations of; to refuse to acknowledge; disown; to refuse (oneself) things desired.

I am a big believer in the power of words. The words spoken over our life and the words that we speak to ourselves have power to hurt, harm, heal or help. But I also think there is a place to examine the words we deny.

Are you good with compliments?

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