my word for the year, and the others that are tagging along


A new rhythm

There you have it my word for the year. Yes, not exactly a word, rather a phrase, but it’s a good one don’t you think?

I feel like this year, my first with two school aged children, is a time for me to ease into a new season, a new rhythm in my life.

Admittedly it has taken me a while to post my word for the year. But quite to my consternation two other words have surfaced while I have been pondering this phrase.

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Capacity – a year in review

The Christmas decorations came down today, and I have changed the rich red and green, for cool blues and white.


Summer holidays mean lazy afternoons in the pool and ice-cream for afternoon tea. The new year has commenced. But in this new phase of my life as a mother of school children (gasp – how did that happen?!), I am discovering that in fact my year doesn’t start properly until February. When the routine of school dictates life for us all. So I have in fact been living in a sort of limbo between the year past and this year starting in earnest.

So between swims, and ice creams, and catching up with friends, I have been writing, reflecting, dreaming and planning. But today it is all about reflecting on my word for last year “capacity” and how it influenced 2014.

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New Years Wordplay

2015 potential

Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a wonderful start to a brand new year. I have been enjoying the post-christmas calm with some much-needed family time, hence things have been a little quieter here on the blog.

You know how much I love to choose a new word or phrase for the start of the year, and I also want to review my word for 2014 capacity, and how that impacted my year. Both those things are coming when I am not spending so much time in the pool, playing board games and making homemade ice-cream. (See I’ve got my priorities straight!)

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Christmas wordplay

comfort and joy

Yes I know, it’s not Wednesday, and I’m doing word play. But I’m not willing to sacrifice my love of alliteration yet so it’s “weekend wordplay”!

I thought in these weeks leading up to Christmas I would focus on words that are important for this season.

One of my favourite carols at this time of year is “God rest ye merry gentlemen”, with the beautiful line “O, tidings of comfort and joy”. (Yes – I have blogged on this carol before!)

So what exactly is comfort?

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