the next right thing

I have been in a season of good things, a season of great things, a season of wonderful things that all happened one after another. I feel like I turned 40 and my life went crazy in the best sort of way. So from my birthday to now – the past three months have been very busy.

At the moment my spirit feels like a dust cloud, so many particles up in the air vying for my attention and I can’t see a clear way forward. Yet I am trying. So I am fumbling through the cloud, and getting sand in my eyes and throat, and wondering why I can’t see clearly and why I just can’t breathe.

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On broken plates and beauty 


One of the images I took a mental snapshot of was a broken China plate on the side of the road. It was crisp and white with the rose pattern standing out. A glimpse of beauty in amongst the rubbish and dirt of the slum.

It is an image I can’t shake and it sums up the contradictions of Cambodia for me so far … beautiful but broken, flowers amongst the rubbish, stark white catching my eye from the dirt.

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what do foxes have to do with joy anyway?

joy marianne williamson

We live in a culture of complaining.

A culture where the answer to the standard greeting “how are you?”, is “busy” or “stressed”. Or we use it as a way to list all our problems as we detail just how complicated and hard and complex our life is.

I was struck by a line in this Audrey Assad song the other day, and I just can’t shake it:

and the foxes in the vineyard will not steal my joy

What is stealing your joy?

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The break I thought I didn’t have time for

I have just spent a couple of days down by the beach.

We have been going through a pretty crazy season in our household with a lot of things on. So packing to go away was a bit of a hassle. Having to organise the kids and myself and going somewhere different. Having to make sure that we had enough warm clothes and food for the weekend.

But I forgot, the sea is calming for me.

vitamin sea

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