just a little list

just a little listIt has been a hard week. I am struggling with my daughters living life at a full on speed, with little or no thought for the rules, or volume, or the pause button.

I have found myself impatiently requesting them to be more patient. Or yelling at them to be quieter. Or hustling them out of the house whilst telling them they need to be careful to slow down. Yes, it has been that sort of week.

So it is the perfect sort of week to start a new posting idea!

No really!

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what hospitality looks like

cookbookI love to cook and eat, and laugh around the table with a bunch of people. I have this thing for hospitality.

I have a bookshelf filled with cookbooks. I have a kitchen equipped with cast iron cookware and good knives, baking tins and serving platters. My pantry is always stocked.

It’s in my DNA, my mother loves to cook and entertain, as did my grandmother before her.

So this season that I’m in right now with little ones at home, is so very challenging.

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it doesn’t mean it’s easy

handsI have this thing that I do when I am having a hard day with my girls and need to vent. I send a text describing what is going on and then I end it with “I love being a mum”.

It is semi-ironic, but it is also true. I do love being a mum, even when the girls have decided to mix water with their play dough and skid all over floor with the ensuing slippery mix. I do love being a mum, even when I am dealing with constant complaining all day. I do love being a mum, even when I have literally run out of any ideas for dinner.

But it doesn’t mean it’s not hard.

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weekend whimsy

weekend whimsy

I am really enjoying Wednesday wordplay so I thought I might add another regular post where I share some of my favourite poems. Like wordplay I don’t plan to analyse the poems too much, just present them and let them speak to you.

So in my continuing love affair with alliteration (and it seems the letter w) I introduce “weekend whimsy”, a little poetry to start your weekend.

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I was caught by this thought on Pinterest today.


And it got me thinking about this world, and how easy it is to connect with someone. Through Facebook, through email, through other social media.

And yet there is a perception that actual conversations (face to face, as it were) are seen to be difficult and best to be avoided. You only have to travel on public transport to see this truth in this.

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