Christmas wordplay

comfort and joy

Yes I know, it’s not Wednesday, and I’m doing word play. But I’m not willing to sacrifice my love of alliteration yet so it’s “weekend wordplay”!

I thought in these weeks leading up to Christmas I would focus on words that are important for this season.

One of my favourite carols at this time of year is “God rest ye merry gentlemen”, with the beautiful line “O, tidings of comfort and joy”. (Yes – I have blogged on this carol before!)

So what exactly is comfort?

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advent traditions

I haven’t posted in this space for a while. At first it was because I was busy and literally couldn’t focus on anything else until the event I was planning was over.

But that has been over for two weeks now and yet I couldn’t post.

See the thing is I have been feeling overwhelmed.

On Monday (yes 1st December) I started my Christmas shopping. For me this is highly unusual. I am usually half done by mid-november.

We put the tree and the decorations up on the weekend. So the house feels Christmasy. But I haven’t got organised yet with my advent calendar.



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just a little list

just a little listIt has been a hard week. I am struggling with my daughters living life at a full on speed, with little or no thought for the rules, or volume, or the pause button.

I have found myself impatiently requesting them to be more patient. Or yelling at them to be quieter. Or hustling them out of the house whilst telling them they need to be careful to slow down. Yes, it has been that sort of week.

So it is the perfect sort of week to start a new posting idea!

No really!

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what hospitality looks like

cookbookI love to cook and eat, and laugh around the table with a bunch of people. I have this thing for hospitality.

I have a bookshelf filled with cookbooks. I have a kitchen equipped with cast iron cookware and good knives, baking tins and serving platters. My pantry is always stocked.

It’s in my DNA, my mother loves to cook and entertain, as did my grandmother before her.

So this season that I’m in right now with little ones at home, is so very challenging.

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