enjoy the ride

roller coaster

I am the kind of person who loathes roller-coasters. I hate the fact that I am not able to know when the next turn will be. I hate going upside down. I hate the slow crawl to the top of the hill, knowing that at any minute we will be hurtling to our death. I even hate watching film of roller-coasters as it makes me sick.

And I can’t understand those people who are totally fine with roller-coasters. Those people who say “oh, it’s so much fun, just enjoy the ride”.

I don’t enjoy the ride.

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you’re a great mum

last week

Last week of school holidays … but who’s counting?!

I don’t know about you but this school holidays has seemed long. There have been some sweet moments, some fun moments, and a lot of hard moments of parenting. And, yes, I am counting down the days.

In my most trying weeks, I gathered my tribe around me to pray, because quite frankly I was out of ideas, so that seemed the best and only thing to do. And I received a very precious text from a friend. “You’re a great mum”.

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the magic of books

something magic

Last year I had a number of books that shaped my year. Brené Brown’s Rising Strong of course with the bookclub I was part of in October, as well as others I mentioned throughout the year.

On New Year’s Day my 6 year-old daughter bought us all an A3 sheet of paper with the title “what I want to do this year” written along the top. One of my things is ‘read more’.

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