Time for a change



Yesterday was my first day of my new rhythm proper. It has taken a while as the girls have been transitioning into their school classes so this was my first writing day with the girls at school full time.

I have slowly been changing over the category titles for the blog, as the old categories are not really what I am writing about anymore.

I have found that I am writing more about community, simplicity and creativity. I am growing in my identity and capacity. I am understanding the need to pause, and also the need to lament. I am finding everyday things to celebrate. I am playing with words and developing my writing.

So have a look around, read about my journey, check out the new categories in the archives tab above and let me know what you think of the little changes around here.


on being intentional

be intentional and be free

I have a love-hate relationship with the word intentional.

Intentional: performed by or expressing intention, deliberate; of or relating to intention or purpose

I love thinking things through, planning and making lists. But I worry that too much planning can make life boring and staid with no room for spontaneity.

So I have struggled with it for a long time. But even as I continue to fight against planning inwardly, I am finding that being intentional brings clarity and space.

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my word for the year, and the others that are tagging along


A new rhythm

There you have it my word for the year. Yes, not exactly a word, rather a phrase, but it’s a good one don’t you think?

I feel like this year, my first with two school aged children, is a time for me to ease into a new season, a new rhythm in my life.

Admittedly it has taken me a while to post my word for the year. But quite to my consternation two other words have surfaced while I have been pondering this phrase.

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