on fake resting


I am the multi-tasking queen. At breakfast time while the toast is cooking, I make the lunches. While the kids are eating breakfast, I unstack the dishwasher. While Mr makes the coffee, I run sight-words with my youngest, and check the homework folders.

It has become a point of pride for me. How efficient I can be, how much I can get done simultaneously. Continue reading

on PayPass, elephants and the little


I stopped at a pop-store in the middle of our shopping centre to purchase activities for the upcoming school holidays. The lady behind the counter was bubbly and in a great mood. She excitedly informed me that it is the first time that the pop-up store has PayPass. For her this little change made a big difference in her day.

Her enthusiasm got me thinking about little changes in my life.

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Winter Reads

winter reads

I started the year excited for the book of the month idea, but once we hit May it all went out the window. Mostly because May was all about the Big Magic bookclub. (And if you missed that, all the posts are still available here to read at your own pace).

Just because I stopped blogging about my reads doesn’t mean I have stopped reading. So here is a quick summary of the books that have stood out to me over the last few months.

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