2016: faith, vulnerability and community


My year runs in tandem with the school year, so I am really starting to get my mind around what 2017 will look like now. I have been labelling kids school supplies and checking uniforms and thinking about the year ahead.

Every year I chose a word for the year, and I will tell you my word for 2017 in my next post. But as I prepare to start this year it is a good idea to review last year’s word. I say word but in 2016 I chose a question … ‘fear or faith?’

When you ask the question ‘fear or faith?’ And then you choose faith, you find that faith leads you to places of deep vulnerability.

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on saying yes, new adventures and being stretched

on being stretchedThe trouble with choosing faith instead of fear for 2016, is I am saying ‘yes’, to all sorts of new adventures and ideas. To be clear these are things I would never before dreamed of saying ‘yes’ to. Or I would at least take three weeks to agonise over, before hesitantly replying, ‘yes, if you think I’m capable’.

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embracing fear

fear and creativity

My question over this year is “fear or faith?” So it was inevitable that for our book club, Amanda, Elaine and I chose Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic.  Which has the subtitle, Creative Living Beyond Fear. And it comes of absolutely no surprise to me that when I draw up the schedule “courage” is the first post I have to write.

And of course, this post comes right at a time of great paralysis in the writing of my book.

I am afraid. And as Gilbert says fear’s main purpose is to cause us to stop.

… everyone’s song of fear has the same tedious lyric: “STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP!

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