on fake resting


I am the multi-tasking queen. At breakfast time while the toast is cooking, I make the lunches. While the kids are eating breakfast, I unstack the dishwasher. While Mr makes the coffee, I run sight-words with my youngest, and check the homework folders.

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on PayPass, elephants and the little


I stopped at a pop-store in the middle of our shopping centre to purchase activities for the upcoming school holidays. The lady behind the counter was bubbly and in a great mood. She excitedly informed me that it is the first time that the pop-up store has PayPass. For her this little change made a big difference in her day.

Her enthusiasm got me thinking about little changes in my life.

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on exercise, motivation and writing


Earlier this year I went on a writer’s retreat aptly named ‘write motivation’. Apart from the beautiful play on words, I have been thinking about this phrase a lot this year.

You see, this year is my year to write. This year I have set aside hours and hours of bum in chair, hands on keyboard. However, I have back and neck problems that trigger headaches. And of course my tight shoulders and neck is exacerbated by spending hours and hours in front of a screen.

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Are you passionate enough to endure?


everything sucks Mark Manson

I love writing. I love the thrill of a phrase that sits perfectly on the page. I love the tap of the keyboard, and the soft scratch of pen on paper. I love the feeling you get when you manage to capture an elusive emotion in a few words. I love those days when I am in the zone, words flowing so fluidly that hours can pass before I look up again.

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